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The vast majority of my work is inspired by the landscape of the North East of Scotland – where I live and work. While engaging with the landscape I have developed a far deeper emotional connection with the space and place, it therefore goes without saying that each piece – while not always directly inspired by my personal experiences, have a deeper personal and emotional undertone which lies beneath the surface. It is my hope that my work connects on that deeper level to you as the listener or performer. I have never been fond of prescribing what the listener or player should feel, I am happy to let you make your own connections with the music you hear, just as I have done while crafting my music. I believe strongly that my work does not separate me from the rest. Therefore, if there is something in my work that moves me, I believe that there is a strong chance others will be moved also. 

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About Us

A composer writing orchestral, ensemble and solo work, I take inspiration from composers such as Sir James MacMillan, Toru Takemitsu and Anne Boyd.